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11 - Commenti -:

Celita0172 ha detto...

Gracias mery! està hermosos el vestido! :D

Celita0172 ha detto...

Ya lo quitaron :P ., bueno, al rato ha de salir :D

marty_kissy ha detto...

non riesco a prenderlo! :\

laura ha detto...

think that competition is no longer because try it and does not open :(((

Anonimo ha detto...

Grazie da CrazyCoraline

Marialuisa MissMeryLu ha detto...


Yeah, I tried it too, but I do not think the competition is over, try again, a kiss

Marialuisa MissMeryLu ha detto...


Si ,ho provato anche io ,ma non credo sia finito il concorso ,prova più volte,un bacio

Olivia_Benson ha detto...

Lastima que ya no este disponible :(

Connie ha detto...

Darling The contest it doesn't Work
:(, I been triyng many times.. but nothing... Would you post when the contest will be ok again?

Marialuisa MissMeryLu ha detto...

Girls I'm so sorry, maybe the dress was only this morning, I do not know what to say, because there was competition, I managed to get this dress, do not allow myself to metere an article if I had not first tried . a kiss to all

Connie ha detto...

ok, but maybe Stardoll keep trying to fix it, do not think it was only for the first 100 (laughs) ... Thanks for the reply-.